Featured Built Projects

Castle Creek Residence


A new residence on a secluded property south of Aspen, Colorado.


The house was designed to take maximum advantage of its passive solar orientation and wraps around a south facing courtyard.The house was designed to respectfully gesture towards its unique alpine environment by taking advantage of the panoramic mountain vista, and encouraging contact with the surrounding landscape by allowing all internal spaces to open out to the landscaped courtyards. The warm contemporary style of the house draws on the local palette of materials and colors and reinterprets the use of tradition 'mountainesque' materials such as wood and stone in a modern context

Brighton renovation


A renovation of a small interwar dwelling with heritage overlay to provide open living/dining/kitchen area to rear of property opening up to north facing decking.


The renovation was designed to take maximum advantage of the northerly aspect to introduce light and warmth into the extension, which was built to two boundaries.  A cantilevered carport was designed to protect the view through to the existing entrance as required by the heritage overlay.   

Church Residence 


The transformation of a 1896 Church into two modern residences.


The only additional floor area that was added to the exisitng Church structure was at semi basement level in order to introduce a 2 car garage beneath the existing structure. The renovation of the existing building included separatating the original 1896 structure from the 1960s addition via the insertion of a transparent /neutral glazed stair core that separates and articulates the old from the new. The 1960’s structure has been refurbished/renovated and re-facaded in a contemporary style that provides a counterpoint to the old church and clearly expressed itself as new.   The original church structure and congregational space remained largely untouched, except for the exposing of the original scissor trusses and replacing the 1960s orange glass windows with clear insert glazing.

Perth Duplex 


An inner city duplex development in West Perth, WA.


The project redeveloped an urban inner city site into (2) warehouse style apartments. The resultant building form is two very simple rectilinear forms defined by a skeleton of steel portal frames into which a number of carefully controlled elements were inserted to define the various private and public zones of each house. The use of steel was critical in achieving the desired planning flexibility particularly in relation to the three story linear volume which runs the full length of the house. This space acts as the primary circulatory space via a transparent light-weight steel/timber stair and connects all 5 split levels whilst serving to distribute southern light via high level clerestory glazing to all corners of the house. This project was awarded the RAIA Colourbond Award for innovative use of steel in a residential application


Sandringham Residence


The design intent was to provide a transformation of a charming Californian Bungalow into a contemporary family home, adding a storey, while retaining the characterful look and feel of the original.
Our clients were looking to transform their charming Californian Bungalow in Sandringham, Victoria to see them through the next 20 years. Their brief to us was to retain the characterful look and feel of the original home, while creating one that better catered for the family during the kids’ teenage years and beyond.
The client was also conscious of reusing materials wherever possible, and hence the existing driveway bricks were repurposed to form the feature brick wall in the living room, which continues through to the exterior decking/BBQ area. Original stained glass doors were also reused throughout the house where possible.