About Us

Established as a practice in Colorado in 2007 and relocated to Melbourne in 2010, Willow A+D specialises in residential architecture, striving to achieve elegant solutions that address the brief, budget, site and climatic conditions in a creative and sustainable manner.


"We are committed to exceptional client service and motivated by the desire to help you create a home, building or interior space that fits you perfectly"


Willow A+D is committed to:

  • working closely with you to help identify your needs and requirements evolving a comprehensive project brief

  • coming up with unique and individual solutions to ensure a project reaches its maximum potential while overcoming any challenges

  • pursuing sustainable design solutions and

  • working to resolve time, quality and cost implications in accordance with your needs and priorities.


Additionally, we have connections with several trusted builders and have extensive experience in dealing with local councils.  We believe it's important to have a single point of reference in order to provide continuity of design, management and consistency and to facilitate the path from conception through to building and completion.


We invite you to contact us for a free initial phone consultation to discuss your project.

Lyndal Williams


As Principal of Willow A+D, my post graduate experience spans over 27 years practising in Melbourne, Perth and Colorado.  I have been involved with a wide variety of residential projects ranging from high end custom housing and mixed use development through to multi residential and single family housing.  Each of the projects with which I've personally been involved has evolved from an appreciation and understanding of the specific site and landscape, a close collaboration with the client to evolve the brief, a desire to create interesting and inspired interior spaces, a strong belief in passive solar design principles and a passion for modern design.  All of these projects attempt to integrate with the site, create a dynamic yet sheltering sense of space, respond to the local vernacular, whilst meeting the client’s budgetary and functional requirements.  I am driven by the desire to create an enjoyable process from start to finish and to quickly and effectively resolve any issues which may arise along the way.  My ultimate satisfaction comes from helping my clients achieve their dreams and vision for their new home or building in a collaborative and personalised way.